Friends Sisters Socks

When I visit my friend I say that I am going to the bathroom and instead sneak into his sisters room and find a pair of her worn white ankle socks. I slip one over my hard p**** and m********* whilst I sniff and lick the other one. I quickly e******** deep in the sock and then leave them where I found them, one full of my sticky sperm. Damn I would love to prong that girl. She is 14.

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  • Now people, let's not be rash just because he has a foot fetish and is acting on it.
    Granted, he shouldn't be doing this, but as one with a foot fetish, I can relate to how bad the temptations can be and how it's worse due to the fact so many people are immature about it and insult/make snide remarks to the pwople with a foot fetish. Exhibit A- the above comments.

  • Try c****** into her hair conditioner or mouthwash.
    Rubbing her toothbrush on your a****** is neat too.
    C** in the crotch of a clean pair of her panties, then put them back.
    That way, she'll have your c** next to her p**** all day long.

  • That is sick!

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