Was my ex a selfish lover?

Hi folks. I've just broken up with my ex, we were together for five years and she's both the only lover, and only girlfriend, I've ever had.

I've been talking to a few people about our former s** life and they seem to think it's odd. So when we'd have s** it was almost always missionary (her favourite) and she'd almost always o***** (yes, I am proud of that!).

On the other hand I (I'm a guy BTW) would very rarely o***** - not because I can't, but because she didn't want to stay on the pill hence I couldn't finish in her, and with a condom on I get very little feeling so there isn't much point. She also, in five years, NEVER finished me off with her hands or mouth. At all. Plus since I'd then have to play with myself ot ge tot o***** she'd get annoyed with me because she wanted post-o***** cuddles.

This post isn't to criticise her, I'm honestly looking for opinions. Like I said she's the only lover I've ever had - is this normal?

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  • She could very well be a selfish lover. And also maybe she just got used to the way things were in the bedroom with you. It turned into a routine. But her unwillingness to do certain things could be due to inexperience, comfort level, insecurity, etc... There are some women who don't like to be on top, give blow jobs etc. Not sure what your communication was like, if you expressed to her what you needed but hopefully that will be something you do in your next relationship.

  • The answer is yes, she was very selfish. S** is about giving, not taking, and the sooner she realizes or accepts that simple fact, the better her s** life will be. Yours, on the other hand, is already better because she's no longer your girlfriend. Whoever you date after this will be a better lover, odds are, because she's not likely to be as self-centered as the one you just rid yourself of, finally, and fortunately. Do no take her back. Ever.

  • No...it's not

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