My sister

My sister and i f*** on film. Seriously. If you want to see it, leave your email and I'll share with you. She is overweight but has a big ass and massive t***. We simply love f****** each other and have been for years. All our siblings live in other states but we stayed in the area. We started 69'ing in high school which obviously let to s**. It all started when we were drunk and we were playfully playing truth or dare and she said she dared me to take her bra off. I took the dare and took it off, then I started sucking on them and she was like "hey, what are you doing?....i didnt say suck on them" and she was laughing. Then she pushed my head harder down on her titty. I started fingering her and she reached down for my d*** and started pumping it with her hand. She then said something like "hey if yiu hsve something in your mouth, then i need somehing in mine" and started blowing me. After a minute, I bent her over, f***** her and she told me to c** in her- I did. I blew so hard in her and she said she was in love with me from that moment on. It has now been 20 years and we're still f****** regularly. She is better than my wife in bed by far. Looking down at my throbbing d*** pounding my sisters wet oussy is THE best thing EVER. I love my sisters p****. We have even let one of our childhood friends f*** her wirh me. We are kind of known in our area but we dont care and peoppe dont seem to care anymore

Nov 11, 2020

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  • If you're still sending videos of you and your sister, I'd love to see.




  • Would love to see that. Send it to

  • I’m down

  • I can't believe people fall for this crock of
    S H I T E

    What a pathetic made up fantasy, no effort to even hide the inconsistencies in this far fetched story.

    You say "We started 69'ing in high school which obviously led to s**"
    That statement means that you were 69'ing each other first and that was the trigger to have s** later down the line.

    However you then say "It all started when we were drunk" and then go and give a cringeworthy dialogue that supposedly took place, good memory to provide such minute details of words given that this happened two decades ago like you say. You finish of by stating that you came inside her???? I thought you said that you started with just 69'ing when you first started? Why have you changed the story to say you had full s** when you first started? Get your story straight man. I don't believe a word of it.

    Also, why do people keep saying things happened 20 years ago or 10 years ago. Why always these nice whole numbers? It's never 17 or 14 years ago. Do you lot wait until a very specific anniversary year to tell people?




  • I've been looking for the real deal.

  • Id love to see that

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