A throat-full

When my girlfriend was away at work, I decided it was as good a time as any to m*********, after stroking my c*** for a couple minutes, I remembered that she had a massive d**** laying around her room. I don’t know why, but I felt like I needed to feel what it was like to suck on it, and after licking it long enough to build up the confidence I needed, I decided to force it down my throat.

Holy s*** was it amazing, I’ll definitely do it again, and if my girlfriend is open to it, I’ll ask her to f*** my face sometime or another.

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  • Yes. it feels good and tight in your throat. Use her D****, practice, Soon you will want the real thing deep in your throat. There is no way to describe the feeling, thrill and excitement when a man strokes deep in your throat as you feel his pulsing member exploding and filling your mouth with his warm c**. Delicious and exciting.

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