Wife 2

I posted the story about my wife Diane awhile back about the first time I shared her and she was shared with several guys after that then we decided to stop until the kids were grown but we actually only stopped until our second child was borne we were just very careful not to do this where the kids would find out and most of her excursions happened when I was at work and she would go out to a bar and let some guy take her to s place and they would f*** and she would tell me all about it when we were in bed that night.
We were very careful about t and it only happened maybe three or four times a year while our two kids were home but we made wild plans for her during this time and after the kids left home we ran an add in adult sites and Diane was really looking forward to this .
She had never had s** with a black guy before so we looked through some interracial sites and found David for her first black guy .
She had been wit guys that had big c**** before but David had an 11 inch c*** and she decided to try it. ( my c*** s close to 7 inches and almost 2 inches thick but David's c*** looked huge in his add and was almost 2 1/2 inches thick )
We met him at his apartment and Diane is comfortable now with me watching and we talked for a short time then Diane said I want to see your c***.
It looked kind of like those old Mutt nd Jeff comics Diane is only 5 ft 2 inches tall and David is over a foot taller than she is but yo could see that it was her tat was in control as David unfastened his belt and pushed his pants over his hips and let them fall around his ankles and his c*** bulged in his shorts as he removed them also and his c*** fell free .
Diane cried out my god honey loo at that monster as she grabbed it in her hand she looked at me her eyes sparkling with mischief as she began to stroke him.
Diane is proud of her c*** sucking skills ad I watched her deep throat a 9 inch c*** once and she licked her lips in anticipation he looked up him and said just let me do this and she licked the head of his c*** then his shaft grinning over at me as she continued stroking his c*** .
David watched her looking down and said my c*** doesn't get really hard as it slowly filed with blood as she sucked and licked his c*** and b**** lifting his c*** out of the way when she would suck his b**** into her mouth then suck on his c*** again.
She turned to me and said I am going to make him c** and sucked more of his c*** into her mouth a and sucked more of his c*** until she had over 5 inches of his c*** in her mouth and she gagged as his c*** head hit her tonsils and saliva flooded out of her mouth around his c*** and she released him and said get me towel hon I am going to try to deep throat him so I went into his bathroom and brought back a bath towel and she had pulled the foot rest over and wan kneeling on it as I first wiped her saliva off her chin then spread it out underneath her.
She looked up at David and asked him if he liked what she was doing and he laughed and said OH YEA baby just do it you as she sucked his c*** head back into her mouth and strained as she sucked more and more of his c*** into her mouth then she gagged again but she forced more of his c*** into her moth and I saw a bulge in her throat tears were running down her cheeks and Silva was hanging off of her chin and coating his whole pubic area now as she sucked more of his c*** into her then she pulled free gasping for breath and I asked if she was OK she was gasping for breath but she nodded her head breathing hard and she said I am going to make him c** and she sucked him back into her mouth forcing his now slimy c*** back into her throat.
I was amazed at her efforts but I was sure that she couldn't get that c*** all into her but she continued forcing her mouth onto his c*** and now David had his hands on top of her head helping her breathing harshly himself Tear were running down her cheeks and her saliva was swigging in thick strands from her chin with globs of it hanging from his b**** now and David took her head in his hands and forced her mouth into his crotch until Diane lips were up against his pubic bone and he was making short strokes as he thrust forward then Diane started to struggle and David release her and she sat back on her heels gasping for breath and I askes want to stop now but she said no I want to make him c** and her voice had changed from her musical famine sound to that of a heavy smoker rough and sexy as she sucked him back into her mouth and took his whole length in just three try's and David grabbed the back of her head and began to f*** her mouth silently his teeth bared in a snarl grunting with each stroke and that was all I silently watch amazed that she was taking his whole c*** then David began to go UMMMM UUUMMMM huh huh MUMMMMMMMM then her saliva flooded out in copious amounts and Diane was gulping his seed as it spurted into her belly but David strained against her lips for long time as he came then he began to relax and he let Diane go and she was gasping for breath sucking in huge amounts of air with every breath then she Said WOW and began to laugh her voice still sounding like a heavy smoker.
She sat on the couch looking a little dazed but pleased to as she took his c*** in her hand and stroked him slowly grinning from ear t ear very pleased with herself that she had made him c**.
Her hair was a mess her make up was smeared and her lips were swollen and looked bruised but she was beautiful .
Diane undressed and we talked until he was able to get it up again then then David took her into the bed room and Licked her p**** for awhile but Diane wanted to f*** so he went into her with out much trouble but his c*** would bend when he forced more of it into her so Diane helped hold his c*** to keep it from bending and after he got his whole c*** in her he just made short strokes so it wouldn't fall out and they f***** for over an hour before he came, They tried several positions but Diane has a favorite position and she was able to c** twice riding his c*** and fingering her c*** .
When he did c** in her we talked for a short while then we drove home I couldn't believe that she could suck that monster but she said she probably couldn't if he got really hard but as she swallowed him it molded itself to her throat..

Nov 17, 2020

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