My girlfriends friend

Im falling for my girlfriends best friend. She is beautiful and funny and we get along so well. But i also love my girl who ive been with 7 years and am living with. Her friend has told her im not her type and has a boyfriend who is an honest to god piece of human garbage, yet shes obsessed with being with him. And my girl is obsessed with me. I dont know what to do, i think i love her and i can't stop thinking about her.

Nov 17

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  • I think you are attracted to the forbidden fruit here. Human nature, I suppose. I don't think you actually have a choice, per se, because the friend hasn't made herself available to you, nor even declared herself so, but you should make one: stay with your current girlfriend and rededicate yourself to her, OR end it and pursue other options, which MIGHT include the friend. I'm just afraid that if you try to do both things imultaneously, you will end up causing pain and grief to your current girlfriend, who doesn't deserve it. If you do that, you'll probably lose the friend, too. I think you already know what's right. Do that.

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