Schooler teachers play too

My husband and I are both teachers and live in a small town. When we are on vacation is when we get to play. My husband likes to show me off and share me with strangers. We started doing this when we were just dating. When we are out of town on vacation he gives me dares to do with strangers and I have to call him or FaceTime him or take pictures of me doing the dares. We never set it up with guys ahead of time, I always have to find a guy or he will point one out for me, but it’s my job to get the dare done. It’s always something sexual. We love the excitement and the adventure and the anonymity. And when we are back home we will look at the pictures or watch the videos a lot of times as foreplay. I know this wouldn’t work for everybody, but we love it. It turns my husband on, it makes me feel sexy, and gives us adventures that only we know about and spices up our otherwise pretty vanilla but wonderful lives

Nov 19, 2020

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  • Married four times, two passed, one cancer, one an accident. My last wife left, we separated, she passed of covid. So, at 77, I am left with memories. Every one of my wives played, it wasn't any furious thing but if we went to Reno for example, they knew something would happen. Of course, I deliberately picked the more adventurous females to date. Sharing was my kink, I loved to watch but many times didn't get to. I trace these things all the way back to growing up with just my mother. Sure, activities socially unacceptable but so what? Still fun. One of these days I will maybe find some naughty little old lady, I know there are some out there. About the only fun lately is the gal at the hair salon the does the waxing, yes, I like things that way. She knows taking care of things is good for business, and it works just fine for me. I did ask her if she ever did "more" and she said "maybe" with a giggle. She so far has let me see and play with her t***. She is almost 60, which qualifies for a little old lady I guess. Nice smallish b**** too.

  • My husband has always encouraged to to be flirty with other men. Over time it was a natural progression to go further and be a naughty wife. He gets very aroused when these situations occur in his presence and we have an agreement that I should take it a far as I want as long as he knows all the details. Now at the age of 55 if attribute this lifestyle to being careful to maintain a good figure and and fashion sense. As a result very often men 10 yrs younger find me attractive and sexy. My husband is very proud to see me dancing and flirting with a much younger man. It is wonderful for my own confidence as well. As hubby is now in his sixties his stamina and amount of s**** he produces is not what it once was, so we both enjoy it when I have the good fortune to be made love to by a younger lover.

  • We both 52 and married 30 years . we often meet other couples and if we all get on we kiss and have foreplay in front of eachothr and if we liiking it wehave swapped and watched eachother kiss and have foreplay but never s** . afterwards when alone we roleplay that my husband is other guy and im other woman . and always at the end we make love .its just added fun .but i think going further would ruin it

  • Looking for trouble! Whoever is jealous of this kind of madcap extra curricular activities, is beyond the pale.

  • I think you need to mature a little. Wife sharing is much more popular than your narrow mind can handle

  • I’m so jealous, I want this type of thing in my life

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