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I’ve always worked in retail because I thought it was the only thing I was good at. So for 22 years I believed it. 7 years ago I decided to go to uni and study. I was 31.

I was working as a sales assistant for a well know supermarket as I studied. I was getting paid the same as a store manager from my previous job, it made me feel like **.

When I graduated I couldn’t get a job and started hating my life, I wanted to quit, but I couldn’t. One day I saw a note on my managers desk about. A job position at my head office in the warehouse. Same pay, half the hours. I thought ** it I’ll get out of here, maybe get a second job and go from there.

The job is amazing, it started off small and now I’m a full time assistant over the rest of the team. I had an accident at work and while recovering learnt new aspects of my job and new skills,

I’m heavily overpaid, out of an 8.5 hour day I roughly work maybe 2 to 3 hours. My day consists of supervising the team while putting out spot fires, issues and assisting another team. I zone out a lot and try to look busy. After my team finishes I have 2 hours before shift ends. I do nothing. I watch ** on my phone, have coffees and slowly get things done.

Everyone thinks I’m a hard worker and value my job. I get paid way too much for what I do. During our Covid lockdown I had to work from home and I literally did nothing. I just made sure I was on call for the team. I even asked my boss for stuff to do, but she just gave me basic tasks that I completed in 10 minutes. So I’d watch **, exercise and watch movies the whole time. I even had a girl over and had ** all morning. I even answered a call while she was blowing me.

The only gripe I have is my team are a bunch of whingers, all of them complain about something or someone. Not one day goes past where one doesn’t ** and moan about something. I have zero tolerance for it. So I tell my boss who keeps notes and tabs on everything. She knows and slowly professionally gets rid of them.

I never go home tired or exhausted. I’m actually quite bored. Tomorrow I have to do some store visits and I’m hooking up with a friend nearby for a bit of fun in my car.

Life’s good

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