I Love Giving Rimjobs

I confess that I am obsessed with giving rimjobs. I gave my first rimjob to my then girlfriend at the age of 24. She was a hot, skinny redhead with a tiny ass and a shaved p****/a******. One night I was eating her out on while she was on all 4's, her butt hole sliding up and down my nose. I suddenly got the urge to stick my tongue up her butt. So I did. She loved it and from that night until the end of our relationship I ate her butt almost every night. Since then (16 years now) I have been completely obsessed with the act. I have eaten the ass of over 2 dozen women, 2 transexuals, and 3 men. Though I am not gay, sometimes my compulsion to rim overwhelms me and I have to take what I can get. I carried on a 7 years affair with a woman here in NYC who LOVED getting her ass ate. I would eat her ass, f*** her ass, gape her out with my fingers, and eat her ass again. She loved it and would c** like a freight train multiple times. So, to be clear, I love to give rimjobs :)

Nov 25

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  • Rimjobs?, You work on tires??

  • Well-done, my brother!! Very nice work!!! Keep up the good work!

    BTW, that girlfriend you mentioned sounded a lot like the incredible Annie Body!! Wow!!!

  • Yummy, Ive ben into deep Frenching my lovers ass for a long time. I love it. I am very bi, almost completely gay and I love c***, c** and ass.

  • I like giving rim jobs to fat girls. One girl makes me rim her after I c** in her ass.

  • Goddayum she sounds like a deliciously nasty b****. She also sounds like really SERIOUS marriage material. You need to hurry and put a ring on that before somebody else beats you to it. She will NOT stay on the market long. Get busy, my friend!! Lock her down!

  • Well she has been my piece on the side for a few years while I've had various girlfriends. My current girlfriend is 5ft8 slim Italian brunette, long legs, gym bunny, nice t***. My fat girl is 5ft2, very chubby although slim hands and feet which I like, huge saggy t***, chunky thighs, wobbly arms, hug ass. However she makes me c** like nothing else. My girlfriend is trophy wife material, perfect to display and a lovely women hence my girlfriend my fat lover is not someone I would want to take home tbh. But I can't stop f****** her, r****** her, doing all sorts. She is very much my mistress. I'm 6ft2, good strong build but she brings me to my knees. I c** in her ass, she is strong and throws me down, sits on my face, I tongue her ass and she tries to push it all out. She ties me up, whips me, even used a c*** cage on me, she has even strapon f***** me, I can't help but become a slave to her. It's weird. Best o****** though.

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