Playing dares

Me and my cousin are both 14 her mum was at work so we bunked off school and invited my 16yo brother to join us,a little about her she will go with anyone,she said about playing dares and if you refuse you had to take a piece of clothing off,we all ended up down to are underwear when my brother dated us 2 to snog he was enjoying the show and then it was my cousins turn she dared him to get his c*** out when it was my turn she begged me to get him to kiss her so i did and she whispered to me watch this im going to f*** him i wasn't at all surprised,I slipped my hand in to my underwear and fingered myself watching my brother pin are cousins legs behind her head and f***** her hard as he could he seen what i was doing and came over wanting me to give him a b****** but i refused and he went back to f****** her,I did regret not joining in.

Nov 30, 2020

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  • Here's still time to make it up to him. Next time he goes to bed, listen through the wall for the subtle sound of p*** or masturbation and just walk in fingering yourself. He'll know what you're saying instantly - you might have to tell him to keep going, but he'll get that you wanna have s** with him.

  • You should have aex with ur brother is the best I know from experience

  • I use to play games called doctors and nurses with 2 girls, if we were outside they would have my pants down, i was lay down in a field and the girls played with my d***, they argued because one girl was playing with me longer than the other, all of us were under age, and my younger sister use to let me strip her and do what i liked and obviously what she liked it she lay there not saying a word i use to turn her over and explore the back entry, there was hardly any age difference, we were exploding,

  • Lovely

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