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So i recently had a bf but he was a d********* and never talked to me, so i ended it. I could understand if i was like really ugly and he was like ew you know? But I'm not bad looking i have big blue eyes black hair and semi short and skinny. But who cares he's loooong gone! Ha Ok so the three guys, there's A, N and T. Ill start with A, we have dated before and he is really awesome he's almost 20, he will do anything for me no matter what it is. But he is racist which i want to adopt a African American baby later on so that wouldn't work out to well also he isn't saving s** till marriage, he's already had s** with 2 girls. That kinda sucks Bc i want to save my first time for my husband. =\Then there's N he is truly amazing.. well was, we had a thing for almost a year and just randomly stopped talking to me. and when i asked him what was going on he said he's not allowed to talk to me anymore, so i figured that he got a new girl which is what happened. We didn't see each other too often Bc he lives like an hour Ish away from me the last time we hung out he looked me right in the eyes and said he loves me but now I'm not too sure. Him and his GF broke up a few days ago and no he is starting to talk to me again.... I still really really like him but I'm scared of getting hurt again. Then there's T Oooooh T you are truly awesome! T wants to save his first time till marriage he is like 19 Ish and i am 18 so its a good age he is respectful and cute so i want to pick him but he also lives not by me but he's only like 30 Mins away not too bad. They don't really know about each other. A knows i had a think with N but he doesn't know that him and his Gf broke up and we started talking again. Those two hate each other ugh i really don't know what to do. Any advice?

Jan 5, 2012

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  • Hi little one(: I still say T would be best for you, because he is so sweet, and even though he lives like 45 minutes away, he has a car and I'm sure he'd see you whenever you want him to. And you are getting your license soon, so you could always go and see him (and take me down to see M and we'll all have fun(;). But I'm not telling you who to choose, just who would make you the most happy. Also I approve of him most because the other two hurt you badly and I'm not okay with that. Haha okay I love you(: Bye!

  • Hahahahahahahaha!!!! Comedy genius!

  • First, kudos to you for saving yourself for are one of the few:)...secondly, focus on your education...guys will always be me. If I could do it all again, then I would definitely get myself in order. Your and see the world, explore. Enjoy your smart, loveand respect yourself. When it's time to meet that great guy, you will know.

  • thanks :) Ya its just Gr! ill be on one like A then when i start talking to another then i am not interested in A anymore i hate it I'm so over this! ha thanks for the Advice i really appreciate it a lot!

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