I want to be thrusted into.

I am guy, more along the femboy line. I have an athletic build and am relatively 5'7. I'm a virgin.
My skin tone is a rich brown and I have a "lesbian soccer mom hairstyle" Or so I'm told XD. My hair is short locks with bangs in the front and the undercut on the sides and back.

But for the longest time ever since I started going into puberty years ago. I started having these weird desires and cravings for a*** penetration. And for years it's been pickin at me. I don't know if have some seen too much ya know what and want it. Or some weird psychological issue. Whatever the case may be. I know I need to experience it or I may end up going crazy. There have been moments where I have done questionable things to possibly escalate scenarios but nothing took. Too many good guys around! XD

I started experiencing the urges when I was 13 and I'm now 18 and it's driving me crazy.

Any comments, discussions, feel free to say whatever. Even roast me if you wanna it's cool!

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  • 18+ but not over 30, tall, a virgin, femboy AND a bottom? Damn... if you're single and looking for a romantic relationship with lots of a*** s**... :3 Maybe we can email each other and get something fun started?

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