my bad

you went in the wrong hole
i didn't tell you because we used to talk about how gross the idea was but when you were doing it, it hurt like h*** and felt so unbelievably good
you gave me a*** and you didn't even know you were doing it

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  • A*** is FANTASTIC!
    I'm a guy and I'll tell you a trick.
    Don't use vasoline or KY jelly.
    Use preperation H suppositories.
    They lubricate just enough to do the trick.
    When my wife was in college, she used to do a*** so she wouldn't get pregnant. She turned me on to the prep h.

  • I am sure he accidently c*** in your mouth too.

  • lol are retarded if you dont think he knew. Im a woman, theres a big difference between a p**** and an a****** lol figuretively and physically :)

    he knew. he wasnt going to say anything because you might turn around and say stop. hes not stupid. If you dont speak up...hes going to keep on going.

    a*** is good stuff. Once you get past the initial penetration it feels really good. Just dont go ATM :)

  • He knew. You just don't "slide" in by accident. Besides, your probably lying in the first place.

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