This is really hard for me

ok so ed edd n edy were chilln in th culldesack. eddy was all like dude wtf and dubbl d was all like shut up dumbass. so then they walked to eddys house.

in his house was all awkwrd but ed was like dude watever. sothen they went to eddys room and eddy was like ok lets scam ppl now.. so dubbl d was alll smart,,Then ed said something about toast

suddenly a sound and eddy screamed but he wasnt afraid of he told dubble d to f*** off nd investigate.

it was cummin from eddys rom!! ! so they lookd in eddys room it was rolf

he was sitting o nhis bed i dont even know,, so ed was liek GTFO ROF and rolf ran away.

ok now wat eddys said. Suddenly his sister came nd big ed ran away. now it was just da 2 of them

edd n eddie sat nxt to eacother on his bedroom. so now wat dubble d said.

Idk dont ask me said eddy. suddenly he started 2 feel vrry hot. nd sweaty. So he took out his d*** nd started to rub dubble d all innapro-pro.
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh


and then dubble dee suked hem off THE EMD


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  • Your grammar is atrocious and the plot was dull.

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