My Secret

When I was a kid, my family lived in a condo complex - a dozen families and I was the youngest kid by five yeas. I wanted to fit in so much that I'd do anything to hang out with the Big Kids. So i had a LOT of gay s** before I even got to junior high. As i got older, I got more interested in girls and left most of the gay s** thing behind.

I say "most" because I never got over my desire for a*** s**. I get my greatest sexual thrills being screwed in the ass. I do not find men attractive, I do not get hot when engaged in anything sexual with another male - but I crave being ass-f*****.

I ruined a couple of great relationships in college by letting girls find out about my fetish. I had a good thing with one girl for a while but she insisted that I should go into S&M too, so that fizzled out. I met a wonderful lady and married her, but never told her. Now I'm married to a very Christian lady who doesn't even like hearing the word "a***".

I bought my wife a strap-on d**** two years ago but never gave it to her. I wonder if I should. We've been married five years, right? I should be able to tell her this.

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  • Can you feel it when a guy comes in your ass? I use d***** from time to time, but always wanted to know that, since I don't know how I could try it at home

  • I am sorry to say this, but if you were having penetrative s** at such a young age, you were sexually abused. What you are feeling is more likely a byproduct of the abuse vs. a genuine sexual need. More likely then not you are seeking acceptance and comfort through a*** s** instead of real sexual release. Hold off on introducing this radical sexual concept to your wife, and seek therapy for the past abuse. Best of luck to you.

  • If she doesn't even like the word a***, I don't believe it will ever work with her. See my own confession soon. XH

  • you need to talk to her because if you don't your marriage will not last.

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