How to get them to have a 3 sum again?

When i met my g/f she told me that she has a bestie and they are really close. Her bestie suggested we have a 3 sum. We set it up twice but my g/f chickened out twice. They were all hot to go to this s** club in the city. We went and checked it out. They give you the tour, time to check it out, then either you pay to stay or you have to leave. We had a great time, I f***** them both, I ate her bestie's ass out, got a wicked b******* from her, made her squirt it was awesome. I f***** my g/f in the ass while the two girls were 69ing each other and my g/f squirted all over her face. It was perfect.
Back home after some time the girls play a little together which i have no problem with but my g/f calls this cheating on me. I told her i was fine with her having a female lover besides me, I actually encourage it. I want us 3 to get back together playing together. How can I do this?
(sidebar, my g/f became jealous of her bestie spending time alone with me as friends. She was convinced that we were playing without her. This seemed to put a strain on their friendship. I just want us to get back to normal.)

Jan 2, 2021

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