My Savior...

This site is my savior...I cant talk to anyone else about my bad as they r...I cant tell my friends cause I dont want to be judged...and the people who comment to my confessions, sometimes mean, dont know me...sometimes You just need to let something out and you cant cream it to the world, cause some people would think you were crazy, but If I write it down, at least its off my chest....Thanks

Jul 8, 2010

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  • its good to just let it all out sometimes. the sucky thing is that it allows comments. no offense but I don't like reading peoples opinions on my confession. but oh well :]

  • Your welcome!

  • Yea.. there sometimes a really good thread that gets a lot of attention because its actually a situation where some sound advice is needed. Some need a voice of experience.

    And sometimes its the comments that make the thread readable.

    Like, a few dozen pages back one girl didn't know if she was masturbating as good as she think she should. Since she had no one to ask, she asked here.

    I gave solid advice based on my knowledge of biology (a lot of the sexual biology I learned -hands on-, heheh) and what I've read. It was the comments after that that made me laugh.

    I wish there was some sort of voting system to rank the confessions that actually get attention, rather than the unanswered ones.

    I also wish Site Shrink was around. I loved S.S.'s comments.

  • I also tried this .. it doesn't help that much.. it's only pscycological..

  • Yeah it does serve a useful purpose. And once in a while you see an original, entertaining story on here.

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