Walking in on my son

I spent a few hours across the road at my friend's house i told her i had to go back home and when i opened the front door i was faced with my 25 year old son jerking off in the kitchen,I shut the door without him knowing i was home and couldn't believe what i was seeing, he's all shaved off down there and had the biggest and fattest c*** ive seen,I've had the odd sexual dream about him but never thought i would actually see him in action,I had to choose stay or leave and wasn't going to leave i unbuttoned my shirt and jeans and then my underwear came off and sneaked up behind him and put my arms around him sliding one hand down his chest and offered him a hand and he didn't stop me when i got to his c*** lubing his c*** up with all that precum he turned round as i kept on jerking him off and he put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down to suck him off and that's just what i did showing how good i was and did ask if he would like two women to f***,I knew my friend liked him and texted her to come over but didn't tell her why,he waited upstairs while i let her in and she was surprised to see me nude and told her to go upstairs to my bedroom and see what i have on the bed,the dirty b**** loved every second of it and now it's a once a week threesome.

Jan 13, 2021

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  • Fake

  • Are you OK?

  • 🤔 strange question??

  • It happens you catch you son wanking so what leave him to it what's the big deal we have all been caught giving our self some pleasure, i hope the creep gets a life, he will be wanking and thinking about his mum

  • It's the same p**** on every confession giving abuse

  • My Mom is how I learned about s**. She bathed me when I was little, when I began getting erection she progressed to showing me about that. Then it was real s**, and until I began dating it was nearly an every day event. I even invited a few friends over to have some fun with her blessing. Part of why I am still a pervert, any female I am with has to share. Nothing wrong with it in MHO>

  • Wow fascinating Kanda s**

  • Nice

  • Where are you from and may I have your snapchat or hangout i want to know this in detail

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