The different smells of vaginas turn me on. Including my own.



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  • Yes and bushy p**** is amazing.

    Also vegan women have amazing flavor

  • Due to virus issue, I have been WFH but my wife do up down for job so she thinks she is the man in the house. when she is home, she would pull me with hair and drag me to bed. Then she will stand straight above me right on my head and land her puss in my mouth. She will enjoy her favorite shows while she c**. I am slapped and smacked if I am not doing her way. when juice is released she will rub her flower on my cheeks. When its all over she would tell me to p*** off now and go back to kitchen. Hate you Chinese arsholes.

  • Mmmm lucky you

  • I just love to eat a juicy p****.

  • Even better to eat p**** after my hubby fills it with c**

  • Hell yes hehe

  • Dick not nose for vaginas!

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