How to end thing with a **

Hi so i have been a submissive to a dominant for the past year however i have been thinking a lot lately and feel as this D/s relationship is not working for me and wish to reach out to another dominant. however i do care about my current domme a lot and want to know the best way to end the relationship on good terms and not make her think its her fault but just that its a natural end to it. i hope this makes sense thats for the help in advance

Jan 16, 2021

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  • This can be a hard one. A real sub/dom experience can be such a strong bond. More so than any boyfriend/girlfriend and yes even marriage. My suggestion and this is coming from experience is to set down with your ** and explain to her your feelings and ideas. She will respect you more and you will be able to hold your head high. You can look at her in the future knowing you did not lie. Just my opinion.

  • This is what i want to do i just cant gather the words for it

  • I bet she let you **.

  • Well she never said i wasnt and and it kinda turned out being more of a friendship that we just talk to each other every now and again asking how each others day has been and i send her money occasionally when i have it

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