Amy Adams

I have huge crush on Amy Adams

Jan 28

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  • I would rape her

  • She is wife material

  • I would love to sniff her panties and c** on it

  • Me too

  • She is ugly b****

  • Son of a b****

  • A******

  • You're legally insane.

  • F*** off

  • She can suck my d***

  • She can suck mine

  • Her voice gets me a b****

  • She is beautiful, except for her feet. Those bunions are hideous. I’m sure she has enough money to get them fixed.

  • Absolutely true! She need to fix that s***!! Aachh!!

  • So what are you gonna do about it except holding and shaking it

  • He is going to squeeze her boobies haha

  • She is oscar worthy actress

  • She is gorgeous

  • Absolutely! And she is super-talented, too, so, yeah . . . . the girl is the complete package. Perfect!

  • She's really f****** hot, but its not healthy to have a celeberty crush

  • I have a crush on Tessa Violet, the artist who wrote and performs the song "Crush".

  • I love her hair color

  • Me too for reals! It truly fits her style and her attitude and her super cool music . . . . . all of it!

  • She's pig f****** ugly, plus she's half American and half Italian.
    Classless b****.
    I'd rather have a five fingered shuffle than s*** that.

  • Amy's parents are both American, so she's not mixed. Yes, she WAS BORN in Italy, but only because her father was stationed there with the U.S. Army. And too, she is so NOT ugly; she's super beautiful! How could any one not love Amy?

  • No way! Tessa is beautiful and smart and talented and sexy and serious marriage material! She is a REAL beauty! Love her totally!

  • Tessa is really incredibly talented. It's so hard to write such compelling, memorable music and keep it simple, but Tessa has been able to do that ever since she started. She's just . . . . . WOW!!!!

  • There is TOTALLY nothing wrong with it. Crush away!

  • Learn to f****** spell !
    The word is celebrity.

  • Not a prob maestro . . . . . we got the message!

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