What do I do?

Of late while my hubby has been neglecting me, I have been having increasing attention from other men in my social circles. The other day, I drank a bit too much when in a party. There was this younger man who seemed irresistible. We f***** until 3am. He filled me up. I returned home to find out that my hubby was still awake. He seemed to be in the "mood". So I sucked him first then he started eating me. He liked my taste and I acknowledged it. BUt I felt guilty that I had been with another man. Should I confess or should I just let this pass as a one-off never to repeat it?

Feb 5, 2021

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  • Im in my 30s. We could meet up on the side.

  • Hope you get pregnant

  • What do you mean never to repeat it, everybody here knows you will do it again

  • It's all up to you, if you tell hubby he will throw you out , if you keep it a secret you know you will do it again. Once you go through that door you can never go back, never.

  • I came home from work one day to my wife of 12 years crying, within seconds I thought someone had died. Before I met my wife she had been single for a few years. Before that lived with a guy for 2 years, but left him because as she said , he was a jealous j***. While single she didn't date anybody but did have quickies with guys when possible. She said she did not know them or see them again, she told me it was just a need for s**. I never knew why she even told me this, the only thing I could think of was she did not want to find out I too was a jealous j***.
    But that night when I came home to her crying, she ended up telling me she had s** with a guy who was staying with friends of ours for a month. He was young and father worked for the same company our friend did but in England. He was at their house for a month and my wife had met him once or twice while he was here. With her friend they had seen so things he was hoping to see while he was here.
    Days before he left they had a small party for him that I too was to go to but ended up having to go to work. The bottom line was she told me they had a quickie, know one else knew and he had gone back home what was then the day before she told me.
    We got past it all. it took some time, and at least for me I no longer think of our relationship the same, do I love her? Yes. Does have my heart 100% no. In so many way she is for me the most perfect women, and she did tell me years before about her need for s** and about her quickies.
    Some people will tell you to be honest and let the chips fall where they may. Some will tell you not to say anything. If you have said nothing yet you have just a clue of the guilt you have. If your tell him you could loose him and hurt him more then you know. It is possible to tell him and over time it workout as it did for me. But for me I will never see here the way. not ever.

  • You have just found a way to cheat on your husband. Not only did you cheat on him but you got him to eat your lovers c** and hubby liked it.
    I would say your relationship with poor hubby has just changed forever with you in the drivers seat.
    Forget telling him what happened, he doesn't need to know. Now all you need to do is to call your new lover for a second round of s** and if you are smart you can have many more lovers.

  • Never confess a secret it sounds like a good idea. But in the end you will get hurt

  • Dont say a word . just enjoy it .but also sounds like ur husband likes taste of c**

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