I love s** with him, but I have never gotten off. I can have s** with myself and get off in like seconds. Nothing is wrong with him, and we have tried everything, I jsut feel so bad for him. I am hitting my peek years, and s** that pleases me is the s** I like. I have pleased him for a long 15 years. I feel dirty and greedy.

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  • Red Wine does better job too..

  • thanks!!

  • First off either your husband is a minute man (less than a minute and he is done) or he just isn't trying. I Have the same problem with the whole minute man deal, yes ha ha "2 pump chump" and all that crap I know I know funny s*** aint it. But seriously it sucks, couple ways around it though: 1. have a couple of beers before s**. 2. after first time give yourself about 4 minutes then go at it again, and in the meantime he can be getting you primed up. 3. when he does m*********, and yes he does we all do. he needs to take it to right before he e********* then stop then do it again and stop and then again and finally go. This will give him better contol over when he blows his load, but this will take allot of time.

    If he is just not trying then my advice is to withhold a particular position he likes or oral s** or something until he can make you c** that way it will be a fun challenge with a reward for him if he can perform. Do not withhold all s** though that is never a good option as it will breed resentment and anxiety. Also you know what you like, just gve him some instuction "us guys is dum we aint as smert as you gals is" Seroiusly though most guys only know stick it in pump a couple times and whoo boy that was great! They have to be told about playing with the c***, but not to overstimulate it, but to tease it and to work with all of the vaginal area. Last thing is to try doggy style if you have not already, that postion is the easiest for a man to hit the G-spot. Good luck with the s** and have fun with it.

  • Exactly. Make him your d****, or let him watch and learn what you are doing. Teach him what you do. He'll (should) catch on.

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