I let him.

My mother recently married my step father. His name is "Tyler" and is actually kind of attractive. He is 37 way younger than my mother and has the greenest eyes ever. The perfect smile and toned body.. I will come out with it.. I masturbated to him after the first time I met him. I play soccer and Tyler offered to massage my back after a long day of practice. At first I didn't think anything of it, and my mother certainly not. Then once after a game when I got shoved out of the way and hit my head on the ground he massaged my head and my shoulders, I didn't mean to moan but I did.. When I looked at him later, I noticed her had an erection. I blushed and left the room. After I got over it I realized I was sort if turn on by his "enlargement" this provoked a new side of me and then I started to take showers and baths in my moms bathroom were there aren't any doors, my mom works nights as a nurse and Tyler doesn't have a job. I would undress and pretend not to notice him peeking in at me. Then the massages turned into more intimate things. When my mom went out to get my prescription Tyler decided to "accidentally" massage my butt. Saying he didn't realize that he had gone too far and apologized. I quickly threw him a smile and said it was okay, it felt really nice. From then on if my mother wasn't there he was massage my butt and soon my b****** as well. Finally one day after i got out of the shower I saw him watching tv in his boxers. I walked by and "accidentally" dropped my towel. He got an instant bonner. I don't know how he knew, but he smiled at me and I just, f***** him. I let a 37 year old f*** my 17 year old body.. I let him. I liked it and I want to do it everyday now. All day non stop. I want to give him unlimited p****, I want to be his naughty bunny and be spanked. I want him to want me more.

May 31, 2011

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  • What can I say, I have to admit I am attracted to my step daugther, and I think that can always be natural to feel attraction for someone who you live with, h*** you feel attraction for people you work with long enough even if they are FUGLY.

    But one thing is to feel attraction, and another is to do something about it, and another yet to cheat on your wife.

    I do not think it is ok to cheat on your wife, no matter what, I know we are flesh and the flesh is weak and it is absolutely not ok to cheat no matter what.

    Also, child molesting is very wrong by my book, I was molested as a child and I have to say that s*** scars you for life.

    If you MUST do something about it then go to the privacy of your bathroom and m********* the h*** out of your desires, to a point where it won't make a difference anymore, but please control your selves.

    It is obvious to say that those girls have issues, but taking into consideration that it happens with STEP dads then it is of no surprise that they have an issue with the parent figure, and something about self worth. Instead of f****** them you should take them to therapy and prevent them from ending up with loosers like their real fathers and in some cases... yourselves.

    Nothing wrong in fantasy land, but very bad in real world.

  • 1^ Answer your own question! You disgusting degenerate!All of you lousy child molesters should be thrown in prison for life!

    AS for the putrid daughters,they have no respect for themselves, they certainly do not respect their mothers!

    As for the mothers who bring trash into their homes where their children are molested,they are all brain dead.

  • Your mom has lousy taste in men. Bringing an unemployed pedophile loser into your home, then not noticing when he's f****** her daughter doesn't exactly make her a mom of the year candidate.

  • I know how you feel girl. My stepdad knew how to get me going to the point where I begged for it. Literally - that was his kink, making me whine and beg. But he always got me off like a damn bomb so I don't really mind.

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