Flashing Sister

When I was about 15 me and my family went on a cruise ship. We have a big family 4 brothers and 2 sisters which both sisters are older. The oldest sister is 5 years older and pretty with killer body. During the cruise I noticed her thru the mirror checking out my older brother while he was changing. I was blown away by this and it turned me on because I never thought she was like that. Moving forward my sister was in college and would stay up late studying in the family room where we had a big table and TV and couch. I would fake fall asleep on the couch and “accidentally” let my d*** fall out of my boxers. I would then barely peak to see if she noticed and she did. It’s hard to get a full erection when you’re exposed like that so it wasn’t a full rod but still a nice chubby. This would go on for years. Sometimes she would even come out of her room late at night and turn on the light just to get a view. On the study nights I could hear her breathe heavy and sometimes hear elastic snap but not white if she was rubbing one out or not. One of the last times I was about 18 or 19 and my sister came home on a Friday night which was odd because she always stayed at her boyfriends house but not that night. The living room is right as you walk they the front door and I wasn’t planning on anyone being around and was having a good j*** session when when I saw the car lights turn into the driveway. I was never able to get a full rod while flashing her over the years it’s just too hard being exposed like that but this time my h****** was HUGE I couldn’t believe my luck. So as she walked I was in full spread eagle with a massive rod fully exposed I even pulled my boxers to the side where you could see all even my b*******. She came in and turned on the light and then it was dead silent for a solid minute with no movement or sound. I had no ideas what was happening so I faked to wake up a little bit and peaked and she was standing there with her mouth wide open completely stunned. She came back to her senses and when to shut the door and she went into her room leaving the light on. A few minutes later she came back and sat at the table where she had a perfect view of my c*** and a******. She sat there acting like she was reading a magazine but I could here heavy breathing so there is a good chance she was rubbing one out but I don’t know for sure. This went on for a solid 45 minutes and my c*** was a trooper he stayed rock hard the whole time. She must have gotten what she wanted and eventually when to her room. To this day I still think about this and wonder if she new what I was doing. I love my sister dearly and sort of feel bad doing this to her but I have major testosterone and couldn’t help myself because I got so much joy from this. I hope I didn’t cause anything bad for my sister and do wonder if she ever thinks about this time. We are both married with kids and old now but that was the best time for me.

Feb 11, 2021

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  • I think she either knew or didn’t care and was jerking it

  • You're mentally challenged

  • I would have mentioned it and told her to cmon and j*** me off and that would have built a relationship to the point that y'all could f*** regularly and you would never have to j*** off again

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