Gender is a social construct

I'm non binary. My name is Red. I go by they/them. My parents don't support me but I don't care <333

Feb 14, 2021

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  • Physically, there are men and women. Everything else, like zirs and zets, only exist inside the heads of liberals and freak show objects.

  • So you're an it? Got it

  • You are a demon. There are only 2 genders. Grow up and get right with God

  • Hi Red this is Cassie my family uses her and she for me I am a crossdresser. I will have my transformation done by the end of year. But yes it was hard for my family to

  • Using the words, "they/them" is a made up misuse of parts of speech indicating a plural. Did you actually attend grammar lessons at school?
    The actual term (for one of you kids more worried about gender bling naming than fact is... "it"
    Personal pronouns are he/she/it, him/her/it and his/hers/its..
    Now, if you need additional educational information, such as the actual definition of "social construct"..please refer to any current edition of any encyclopedia or book of knowledge. I checked and I failed to find any reference to they/them as an indicator of body parts or lack of them or how to refer to an individual regarding their naming fad.
    Your parents won't support you, because...they are older and just can't fathom kids today. They are still trying to figure out smartphones.
    You don't care, because you aren't old enough, yet, to be a parent or been around long enough to know up from down.

  • Hey baby don't listen to these f****. I'm genderfluid AMAB and pansexual, my husband is bisexual and is a trans man. You're valid and you should be proud of your identity ♥️

  • Hey ik im responding late but ty, I hope you and your husband live a great life <333

  • Be normal

  • For real

  • NOT true. Gender is NOT a social construct. Race, on the other hand, IS a social construct.

  • There are only 2 races like genders. The rest are ethnicities and nationalities

  • That's like saying Mexican is a race though it really isn't because you would not know the difference if a person was from Brazil if they didn't talk. Just different countries(nations)

    "I'm Puerto Rican! I'm from Cuba!" Same difference.

  • Both <3

  • There is a saying in engineering that applies to the gender-confused:
    When in doubt, please refer to the as-builts.

  • Hehe ass builts. Anyway, have u ever heard of:
    ✨rebuilding and not giving a f***✨?

  • Hehe.
    Well, we have heard of "delusional and not giving a f*** about reality", that seems to be very popular right now. But, as the past year has proven, there are a lot of really stupid people in the world.

  • Like u

  • I’m so glad that you came out as “look at me! I am sooo special”. The world needs more of you. Sarcasm aside, have you ever really stopped to understand what that means? The post modern roots and all the gender theory garbage that followed? I strongly suggest you do your homework before you vilify your parents.

  • Aw baby I am not doing anything against my parents other than identifying as something other than what I was assigned at birth. They actually wanted me to be a boy! Also they are more accepting now. Oh also yes there do need to be more people like me in the world, would be a lot more fun.

  • No it wouldn't. Suicide rates would skyrocket. You people hate yourselves and fight your demons. Lyinb to others. That isn't love but demonic.

  • My parents wanted me to be a boy too, and I disappointed them. Father was abusive until the day he keeled over, many years ago now. I'm still standing, and am still female.
    I am so much stronger than you, and perhaps not as much "fun", but I've learned that that often is a cover for mental instability. There's a "fun" place that doesn't end Crying Game style, and I've been able to find it. You aren't brave enough, sweetheart.

  • Good for you, you poor little thing... I guess you are paying for your own rent, utiities and pizza deliveries?

  • What's that got to do with my lack of gender 😻😻😻

  • So you're an animal? Oooookaaayy

  • Wow, you really can't focus on anything else in the real world, can you. Just lasered right in on the ol' sexuality. So are you massively unstable or just kinda dumb?

  • It literally wasn't what I was talking about at all though l****

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