its almost over

I think he is going to kill me. I'm almost sure of it. It's pointless to hide. He'd find me and if I took his kids he'd go crazy and do it for sure. He has pretty much told me he was going to. I'm not scared anymore though.

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  • First off you need to leave. Every day you and your kids are exposed to this is another day that your kids think it is ok to be in a relationship like this, and trust me they will think it is ok to hit or be hit by some f****** coward like your husband, and if you have a girl she won't stop dating until she finds somebody who treats her like crap just like her dad did you. Second you need to drill into thier heads every day that thier dad is a coward and no man should every touch a woman unless she touches them first (Being a guy I,m honerable but not stupid, some chic comes at me with a weapon she better be willing to tak a lick or two) and you need to let them know every day how stupid you were for staying as long as you did. HOPE THE ADVISE HELPS.

  • jesus christ, call the f****** police.

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