I often shares pics of my wife with random strangers. I have even let strangers looks through her private pics on her laptop using "Join Me." I have discussed her on the phone with some stranger after sending them pics of my pretty wife. Jennifer is 43 and still has such a pretty face and petite little body even after 2 kids. The fantasies are often very taboo.

Feb 16, 2021

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  • Such a deviant thing to do because they could find her and use her

  • Thank you so much for sharing. I hope I am not too late to the exchange party. jdharker1982@gmail.com

  • Whitebusinessfox@gmail.com

  • I'd love to see your pretty wife Jennifer. Please email me sphiil@aol.com

  • Im married to a amazing woman . shes 52 n still body of a young woman we have great s** life but i always had fantasy of her with someone else . dont know why but did . brought subject up few times but she never interested . till last year we on holiday and it happened . and it was amazing . we got talking to barman in hotel and could see wife liked him and we invited him to room . we had drink n few lines of coke and kept telling her love a 3some . i started touchinh her and as it went on i told him to touch if he liked soon we both had her t*** out sucking on her nipples his hand touching her p**** n then her legs opening . as he slid hid hand inside her panties n i watched . she groaned ss he fingered her . . soon he was on his knees her legs in the air n him licking her p**** . i kissed her n told her to enjoy . watching him lick her turned me on soon i was also on my knees licking her p**** and n looking up as she licked his c*** slowly . n teased it then opening her mouth letting it slide in deep . knowing i wss watching . he then lay back n she bent over sucking him as i looked on as my c*** slid inside her . f****** her slow . i pulled out n pused her back lifted her legs up n nodded at him to go in . what turned me on even more was her placing her hand on his coc i sitk to guide it in . i knew she wanted it . i sat back n watched as he f***** her . her pulling him in . she turned to me and said i want u both . .. what a turn on he lay on floor and she got on top off him n bent bit over i fingered her ass n then pressed my c*** in . hard at 1st but kept trying n then it happened i was in . she moaned out loud . as both of us f***** her . i exploded inside her . then he let out im c****** . wow look in her eyes looking at me as feeling of his c** inside her il treasure for ever

  • Me to only they now its my wife its a real turn on she wonders why she gets these looks and sexy comments from them im working towards some of them having a go at touching her up

  • Sounds like she has a good body , the b****** generally suffer a lot after child birth however ..

  • Yes you are right...I am lucky Jenny's still has a tight little body

  • I would love to see your sexy wife’s body abd p****

  • Message or email me

  • I would luv to trade pics with u mate daviddalley408@gmail.com

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