I have a crush on/fetish for Molly Coddle from...

...the old show Bump In The Night. In fact I have two general fantasies involving her-- not actual scenes in mind, just stuff I want so badly to happen. In BOTH she's KIND of a "domme" over me, but just in the general "stronger/smarter and using it" sort of way rather than "structured play".

If you get what I mean.

Anyway, first fantasy: she's ACTING sort of like her normal character from the show, except she's either mad at or doesn't like me-- so she turns her sweetness up to pure, sickly frosting sweet condescension and simply REFUSES to relent.

I want her to go away, and I keep threatening her and swatting at her, but she just dances easily between my hands and kisses me gently.

Me: "Ugh, ** OFF!!!" Her: (catches herself in a mean little giggle) I CAN'T! You're SO stressed out, and I have to HELP you! What about a nishe wittle tummy wub fo da shweetums? HaHAH!"

Me: (tosses her across the room) "** **!!" Her: (Comes right back) "Wow, you need comfort even more than I thought! I'm SO sorry you're upset, but it's kind of adorable to watch!" I just made that up as an example, you get it.

The second one is where she tries to comfort me normally, but I'm a ** creep who just wants to use her for things and get her "messy".

Her natural reaction is to be grossed out and fearlessly TREAT me like the creep I'm being-- but then she discovers that just gets me even hotter, so she starts doing it on purpose because if being teased till I ** is what's going to make me happy, that's just what she'll have to do! She IS a comfort doll, after all.

So she ALLOWS me to "force" her to do things, the whole time just laughing bitterly and saying stuff like "Really? You're actually proud of yourself right now? Yeah, you would be. You can control a doll, what a big tough man you are. Oh-- and it's your FANTASY! This-- what you're doing right now-- is your whole ENTIRE LIFE'S fantasy! Pfft! AHAHAHA! Yeah-- dream big, cowboy."

Then once I get there she ALLOWS me to pick her up and use her as my rag. "BLECCCHHH, creepo! Now I have to go get in the washing machine because you're so sad you get off to dolls! By the way? This is why you bought me! Hah! You don't even HAVE a daughter! ...Or a girlfriend! Lol!"

But then as she's leaving to go take care of the mess I've made all over her, she's actually happy-- because I'm now totally at ease, and she now finally knows exactly how to make me happy-- which is all she really wants.

Again, made up example-- but that IS the general idea.

Next Confession

The bouquet FLOWERS WHITE ROSE WHITE Lily. Delivery to Him T CAF

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