Bisexual experience at Adult Bookstore

When I was younger I was out late partying and was pretty high. I was walking home and saw this adult book store and wanted to check it out since I was never in one before. I noticed guys going into booths and asked the guy at the front why? He told me they were watching p***. So I decided to check it out. I got about $20 worth of quarters and went into a booth. When I got in I noticed a hole in the wall. I could see the other guy on the other side. I turned around so he could not see me and started watching p*** and jerking my c***. Then, the curiosity started to overwhelm me. I turned around and I could see him through the hole. He walked over to the hole and out his c*** through the hole. I am not sure what the h*** happened, but much to my surprise my c*** started to get really hard. I then was ashamed at this feeling, but I decided that no one would know.

As I got closer to check out his c***, I could see it pulsating. It was a very big c***. As I got even closer, I noticed some precum at the top of his c***.

I was pretty high and just decided to put my mouth on his c*** to see if I would like it. So I did. It felt SO freaking good in my mouth. I sucked on his c*** for about 5 minutes and he shot his load in my mouth... It was so hot and yet I felt ashamed. I have never thought about telling this to anyone. I would like to hear from any women about what they think about my encounter.

Feb 18, 2021

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  • Reading comments too...

    I as a female think you need to go back. Stay longer. Second time being YOU using the hole & being on receiving end.

    If you like it.. find a friend to casually meet seeing as you clearly still want females & p___

  • You are homosexual

  • People get aroused all the time by different things. Bisexuality has always been around since the beginning of time, no one just made a big deal over it.
    To me I would find it arousing hearing the story from you especially in more detail.

  • Well, it just happened so quickly. I have often thought about doing it again. I think I would like to try it with a girl. But, I am too shy to discuss about it. When I was in the booth and I had the c*** in my mouth, it just felt so soft and hard at the same time. I didn't hold back. I licked under the head and lubed up the whole c*** with my saliva. I licked around the head and stuck my tongue in the pee hole. My c*** was dripping while I had his c*** in my mouth. When he came, the load was so huge it ruined my shirt. I left the booth and had c** all over my shirt and pants. I am not sure women think about these types of encounters, but I would love to hear from any girls who like the story. My c*** gets hard thinking about that night....

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