Bisexual experience at Adult Bookstore

When I was younger I was out late partying and was pretty high. I was walking home and saw this adult book store and wanted to check it out since I was never in one before. I noticed guys going into booths and asked the guy at the front why? He told me they were watching p***. So I decided to check it out. I got about $20 worth of quarters and went into a booth. When I got in I noticed a hole in the wall. I could see the other guy on the other side. I turned around so he could not see me and started watching p*** and jerking my c***. Then, the curiosity started to overwhelm me. I turned around and I could see him through the hole. He walked over to the hole and out his c*** through the hole. I am not sure what the h*** happened, but much to my surprise my c*** started to get really hard. I then was ashamed at this feeling, but I decided that no one would know.

As I got closer to check out his c***, I could see it pulsating. It was a very big c***. As I got even closer, I noticed some precum at the top of his c***.

I was pretty high and just decided to put my mouth on his c*** to see if I would like it. So I did. It felt SO freaking good in my mouth. I sucked on his c*** for about 5 minutes and he shot his load in my mouth... It was so hot and yet I felt ashamed. I have never thought about telling this to anyone. I would like to hear from any women about what they think about my encounter.

Feb 18, 2021

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  • My best fried and I were alone at his house one Saturday. His parents at work and we were looking at his Dads dirty magazines talking and both of us hard and excited. He asked if I wanted to j******* with him so we quickly took off our shorts now both naked from the waist down j********** and we both came pretty fast and watched each other c**.
    I was excited as he was about watching each other c** so we went in to the bathroom together to wash up and we were in front of the bathroom mirror washing our d**** off and he said "You want to suck me ?" I said why not no one will know if I do! I went to my knees and put his d*** in my mouth and it felt so good I sucked him and watched myself in the mirror. He was f****** my mouth with his hands on my head and I was squeezing his smooth fir ass cheeks with both my hands and he began to moan and get excited and I knew he was going to c**. I knew what my c** tasted like so I was going to taste his and it was just to exciting to stop. He pulled my face in to his crotch and moaned out really loud and pressed his nuts to my chin and started to c** in my throat.

  • Reading comments too...

    I as a female think you need to go back. Stay longer. Second time being YOU using the hole & being on receiving end.

    If you like it.. find a friend to casually meet seeing as you clearly still want females & p___

  • You are homosexual

  • People get aroused all the time by different things. Bisexuality has always been around since the beginning of time, no one just made a big deal over it.
    To me I would find it arousing hearing the story from you especially in more detail.

  • Well, it just happened so quickly. I have often thought about doing it again. I think I would like to try it with a girl. But, I am too shy to discuss about it. When I was in the booth and I had the c*** in my mouth, it just felt so soft and hard at the same time. I didn't hold back. I licked under the head and lubed up the whole c*** with my saliva. I licked around the head and stuck my tongue in the pee hole. My c*** was dripping while I had his c*** in my mouth. When he came, the load was so huge it ruined my shirt. I left the booth and had c** all over my shirt and pants. I am not sure women think about these types of encounters, but I would love to hear from any girls who like the story. My c*** gets hard thinking about that night....

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