desperate at this point.

hi. so i've asked literally every acquaintance at my school about this, and after receiving no avail, i'd love some more opinions. as a senior in high school next year, i'm going to be taking us history, global english, AP calculus, AP chemistry, yearbook, contemporary issues/beginning photography, and biology as an after-school lecture class (where i can get college credits). with this schedule, i'm taking seven classes (one free period, and one after school). but here's where my problem lies: i also wanted to take physics because apparently it's a great and fun class at my school. what do you think i should do? a free period is important to me so that i can sleep in and keep my sanity, but i really want to take physics. i don't really want to knock of any other classes, because they're either required courses, or just classes i've always wanted to take. i'm in desperate need of assistance; my scheduling request sheet is due really soon, and i can't make the right decision. my school counselor is unhelpful, and no one else seems to help either. i know this is a stupid thing to post, but i'd really love responses.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Just make sure you leave time to get your stinky hole fingered

  • As a person with BS in physics, I encourage you take the class. You won't regret it!

  • You're taking bio and chem already. Study physics for fun on your own time. You'll probably get farther ahead if you study what you are interested. Besides, remember that college is next year. A free period do work on that stuff will be soooo helpful. So, don't force yourself to take physics. Only if you really want to and it you know you'll be able to keep up with your other workload.

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