You Know What you did

I can't even be in the same room as you since that night. When I hear your name its like a stab in my gut. I thought we were good friends, I trusted you. I only had s** twice in my life. I know what it feels like when I have s**. That morning I woke up sore and bleeding. You told everyone you didnt have s** with me. I was so drunk I couldnt even stand. Tell me how two people saw you on top of me, naked. And how after the party, my friend found a used condom?? You KNOW what you did to me, and so does everyone else. I hope you feel as guilty, as i feel hurt.

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  • Too bad, you little w****. You got what you deserved. And what the h*** makes you think he was the only one?
    I'll bet there was a whole crowd pleasuring themselves inside that tight little fuckhole.
    You said you only had s** twice in your life.
    Well, I guess you have to chalk a few more up, huh, sweetheart?
    By the way, what are you doing next Friday?

  • that date rape lovin
    after the mornin
    when the blood trickles down
    makes you feel sick
    like your hornin
    makes you frown
    Dont worry what people saw
    or what people think
    just because you
    got poked while passed out,
    in the stink.

  • He was wrong and ass.
    Be happy he used a condom.
    Maybe you were too drunk to say no.
    Maybe you did say no and he was such a j*** he thought he could get away from it.
    Protect yourself by not getting so drunk you can't remember what happens.
    The world is full of sickos and you have to look out for yourself.

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