Old men

Im a 17yr old female and i look for older men (50+) in my area and let them f*** me any way they want, i love the real filthy ones that enjoy eating my a***.
Before covid i enjoyed putting on a real short skirt, no knickers but with tights and riding the bus around town flashing my p**** to any old men that might get on. Honestly it is such a huge thrill to flash stangers, i cant wait to get back at it!

Feb 26, 2021

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  • I’m a female 52 I would love to see your little p**** under your skirt with no panties omg I’m so wet thinking about it

  • Any man, would be tempted for sure 58, I would be. But not legal my dear

  • Im in the UK so here i am legal although i started at 15 so i wasnt then

  • Oh sweetheart please be careful. I am not judging you, not at all but when I read comments like this my mind instantly goes to ... "doesn't this girl know what love is"? or has she never had a boy tell her how special she is....

    I guess I'm what is considered old fashion... just please be careful.

  • I appreciate that comment. Thank you for caring ❤

  • I'm 44. Email me and if you're nearby I will satisfy you done14@ymail.com

  • You also need your butt spanked.

  • You darling are a s** angel.
    I’m a dirty old man who loves young p**** and ass to.
    I would rim your dirty little a****** all day long while fingering and toying your little ass and honey box and please you too your hearts content, you and I
    Would be a match made in heaven.
    Love the down and dirty girls and admire there tenacity in teasing us old men.

  • I’m 68 and still very active sexually, I j*** off daily and just jerked off reading and fantasying to your sexy story and slurped my own c**.
    I would eat and lick your ass endlessly in a heartbeat even with c** oozing out of it.
    Love to eat women of all ages.
    Keep it up, your a good girl.

  • At 17 you are like a lot of girls. You love s** and it is normal. Im an old man and I would love to spend a night with you,

  • I am 50+but healthy with wonderful stamina , write your email

  • Always LOOKING for girls like you when I’m out and definitely when I’m on public transport. Wish you lived in Brisbane, Australia.

  • Keep looking, we are all over! Im in the UK tho

  • Hahaha. Always looking. Have you flashed yourself to your parents friends when they’re at your house or do you keep it as your private exhibitionist act in public ??

  • I tend to keep it limited to random old men i see out n about n when i have the house to myself or i can sneak out i go online and find an old man in my area (usually the eldest one i can find thats available right then) and let them f*** me!
    My fantasy tho is to be flashing my c*** to a real dirty looking old man on the bus n he just reaches over and forces his fingers inside me

  • You should get an onlyfans account when you can

  • I wish I could have looked up your skirt!

  • I always make sure i have the tights pulled tightly on my p**** with my lips spead open to make sure any dirty old men can get a nice view of my c***. Iv been doing this years now and while plenty have looked im still waiting for that one person to touch me, or to w*** right there in front of me! I think id c** there n then lol

  • You are doing a classic move we all enjoy. When I was a lad school dress codes required girls to be in dresses and, of course, wearing nylons. We all had our own techniques for sneaking a peek. When we saw right up to the crotch it was quite a triumphant achievement which allowed us naughty boys to claim we had a vision of the Golden Temple of the Himalayas! I think these activities must have hurt my grade in algebra. Thanks for the memories. Enjoy yourself.

  • Id love to flash you my p****

  • Damn, shorty! Where do you live? I want some of that young p****, myself, lol🤣!

    I got a nice, thick BBC waitin' to f*** the s*** outta your young ass!

  • Where you from?? I’d love to see

  • For real, lol😆!

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