My wife Used to cuck me with men

My wife used to cuck me with men, then it all paused for the last several years we have been reliving old s** stories. then she found tik tok and finally came to grips with the fact she is Bisexual if not absolutely a lesbian. She is attracted to Masculine females or at least one, they snap chat all the time and yes they send nudes, I think it’s Even sexier than watching her get F***** by another man, and she hasn’t even been touched by the woman yet!
The thought of a masculine Female, grabbing my short, chubby, and very feminine wife by the back of her hair and shoving her face into their V***** leaves me Rock hard to the point I have to m*********.
Just the thought of watching her be submissive to a woman who makes her so wet is too much for me! She is the happiest I have ever seen her and our relationship is at an all time high, we get along so well since she has been honest with herself about who she is.

Feb 26, 2021

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  • Dominant ex wife

  • Bi couples are great. My wife and I are very open about our preferences. No sneaking around for me to suck a man off, or hiding her p**** licking.

  • I've known for some time my wife liked other women in a sexual way then she met this tough lesbian and became good friends with her.
    She was a very dominant lesbian and one afternoon when she was over having drinks her and I got into a heated argument and she decked me,knocked me out cold with one punch.
    My wife was so turned on by seeing me laid out cold by her girlfriend they had s** right then.I know because I woke up to their moaning as they did their thing on the sofa a few feet away from where I lay.
    I pretended to still be unconscious but was hard as a rock

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