Doing Lefties

I think they're unhinged leftists, but I'd totally plow Jen Psaki and Greta Thunberg. For the former, I love the firecrotches, and the latter, well... I dunno. Greta would absolutely need a bag over her head and a muzzle, but otherwise, s**** it. Would love to eat Jen's p**** for 4-5 hours and then c** inside of her warm hole.

Mar 12

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  • I dont like herbut I would plow rachel maddow even tho I know shes lez.

  • Rachel seriously needs to get laid --- by a guy --- but I wouldn't take one for the team. Sheezus, you'd hafta listen to her talk afterwards, so no way, uh, uh!!!

  • "NO" to both, not because of they politics, but because of they personalities and they appearance. I'd much rather s*** AOC!! That b**** is one fine piece! And she look like a dirty hot freak! DAMN!!!

  • AOC was pretty hot in that dance video from her in college but these days, eh. Maybe it's the lipstick that turns me off. I hate that clown red lipstick on women (I'm more a fan of no lipstick, little makeup, etc). I mean I guess I'd still bust one in her. But I'll take Psaki over her woot

  • Nah . . . . nobody better or hotter than Alex! I think she would look even sexier if she wore that heavy, thick, dark makeup with the black lip gloss. She would be a filthy beast!!! AOC OMG HOT AF !!!! WOW!!!!!!!! DAMN!!!

  • I'd do Greta , as a conservationist she's probably got a proper hairy c*** !!!!

  • Really excellent point! I would love to bury my face in that massive, massive bush and make her happy for days and days and days and DAYS! Oh, Greta, my darling Greta! I do so love your fur!

  • I really love Greta for her deep intelligence and boldness. And notice that if you rearrange the letters of her name, you get "Great"!!! So appropriate! GO GRETA!!!

  • For me its Nancy Pelosi who is hot sexy fine her actual name, Pelosi, means Hairy, and I fantasize about that when she comes on the television, imaging her being super hairy like out of control hairy and I want her that way so sexy. YUMMY!!!

  • She has huge t*** and I would love to t** f*** her

  • I would love to eat Nancy's dripping hair-covered s*****!! Oooooooooooooooohhh!!!

  • God, yes for Nasty Nancy!!

  • Cant beat a bird with a proper natural bush !!!

  • Totally true!!!

  • "Yes", to Greta ; "No", to Nancy .

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