Traumatized 20 year old parent

When my girlfriend and I thought it was a good idea to pass on the condom, we didn't realize that we would have a beautiful baby boy. 9 months later, I was a parent at 21.

One of my earliest experiences with my son will forever haunt me. We had our boy circumcised like everyone else here does in the US. The nurse didn't let me go with them so I could comfort my son. They really didn't want me to go. I gave up.

Around 45 minutes later they returned him to me screaming like I had never heard a person scream before. I ran over and just started cradling him. The woman said that it is normal for him to cry for a few hours. She assured me that he won't remember it.

A baby is in real agony if he's screaming like that. When my brother was little the doctor didn't care if we were there when he got his first filling. I did some research and was horrified. He torture baby boys. My son was in some of the worst pain a person could probobly ever feel and I didn't protect him.

Mar 28

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  • Tell them you wont be paying them..But they can keep the tip!

  • I dIdNt KnOw CoNdOmS sToP pReGnAnCy


  • Did the Rabbi do his job and suck it clean?

  • You mean give the baby herpes

  • Made up story- circumcision is not mandatory in the US. i will adopt the baby if you are not ready to be a dad.

  • Obviously its not

  • Both comments 9 hours ago it's you writing both.

  • Thats what they do. Check out the documentary "American Circumcision." It might be on Netflix. Sickening. Not sure what the context of the last two comments is.

  • I agree with the comment below it f****** normal u d*** bag

  • Take you circumcision stories and shove them up your A$$ dumbFUCK. You are a very sick pedo!

  • Projections a b**** ain't it? Thought you were going to read a story bout some boy c*** and got depressed and mad when it's a father being legitimately concerned about ritualized medical child s** abuse.

  • In America you don't have to get your baby circumcised! It is you choice idiot! Don't care what you seen on tv or internet. They can't do anything except for lifesaving rescue to your baby without your permission! Take your sickFUCKING circumcision stories and shove them up your A$$idiot

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