I am a doormat

I admit it. I'm a doormat. I let people walk all over me. I don't even mind anymore. I used to get ignored, pushed around, and beat up when I was a kid. I was so lonely. I'd do anything to have friends. so I just tried to please everyone to get them to be my friends. I guess that was better than being alone. I didn't care that they only used me for laughs. I even joined them laughing at myself. So I got a good sense of humor out of it. I would do other kinds homework, chores, dirty work or whatever was asked of me. I never said no. Now as an adult people still walk all over me. They tell me since I have no self respect why should they respect me. They still laugh at me. I don't care. It's better to be a doormat and let people use you than be invisible and have everyone ignore you.

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  • That was me before I found true friends. My 6th grade year, I never said no. If somebody asked me if they could copy my homework, classwork, carry books. It was worse for me because I was far too shy to actually approach them. I was new to that school, partially anyway, and didn't know anyone. Then I met Liv (name is changed). She was like me: few friends, sort of shy. Our friendship was awkward at frst: us both used to gettung used by friends, we didn't know what to do. When we needed partners in class, I finally didn't get nervous about asking. We became much better friends, and by 8th grade, we were inseperable. We had no more classes together with the exception of band, and we were getting more friends. I never associated myself with the people who treated me like a doormat. I was never really popular, but I was happy with my new circle of friends. We joked at each other and sure, we had our disagreements, but we were all pretty happy. As for the people who treated me like a doormat, I will no longer let them. I do not care whato their opinion of me is anymore. Liv was the first to stand up for herself, and I followed suit.

    I'm in high school now and am friends with plenty of people I consider true friends. In spite of this, I'm still not a people person. I like isolation, in some ways. Anyway, cliche as it sounds, be yourself. There is only one you. God created you in his image and sent his son Jesus to die so that you will be forgiven. The trick is to remember what an amazing person you are. Try self motivation; stand in the mirror and admire yourself. It sounds stupid and self absorbing, but I do it all the time. For example, depending on your gender, say things like, "I see a beautiful, extraordinary woman," or "I see a sharp, outstanding man." Say the things you want to hear-love yourself!

    I know from personal experience that some things are easier said than done. Find your inner reserve of power. I believe you can do it.

  • I F****** Hate The Chinese confession will always be on top hahahaha

  • How can this mighty troll slayer be a doormat? Maybe she is underestimating her awesome powers.

  • "She" is actually a "he" doormat and far from a troll slayer.

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  • There's nothing sexier than watching a woman o*****. Seeing her muscles tighten, her back arch, her eyes become unfocused as the intensity of the pleasure washes away any semblance of rational thought... beautiful. It is in that moment she is truly honest, and I love making women honest, over and over again.

  • Well aren't you special.

  • Lol, nice one there, I can hear the sarcasm for miles. For some reason the spammer has taken to copying and pasting others comments.

  • How old are you and do you look good in the women clothes? You sound really really hot, can i get a pic?

  • That is a fixable condition. Assertiveness Training and many other effective options can remedy that.

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  • I think i was born a trouble maker, i would say things and do things that would cause little bursts of trouble for other people and myself. not really proud of that aspect of myself because it would be fun while doing it but in the long run it would cause me all types of trouble making me wonder why the h*** i did it in the first place. but it seems i only start doing things like that when im tired of being near people (introvert) so when i start acting like that i stay away for a couple of months or just end things until the other person contacts me. i think you being a doormat is like me being a troublemaker a defense mechanism that we do to protect ourselves. you should find out what your trying to protect from and then avoid it and if you find out that its other people well then avoid them, i found that life has been much more bearable since i stopped hanging out with others.

  • But why exactly is that you don't want to be around others? Being an introvert does not necessarily make one a loner. Is it that you can't deal with others? It seems like you do want to be around others but jus not all the time.

    In my case I think being a doormat is just a pattern of behavior. In a sense is a defense mechanism from loneliness I guess. I became a doormat to try to get others to like me. I've thought long and hard about this. I do know the pattern it's just hard to change. I want others to like me so badly that I do whatever they want hoping that will make them like me. I just end up being taken advantage of but I keep hoping if I do more maybe someday someone will really truly like me for me and be a real friend instead of just using me. I know all this but I can't stop it. At least when I'm being used by people I feel useful and am not alone even though I'm really miserable inside which makes m feel even more alone. Knowing all this doesn't make me change my behavior though.

  • Well i dont like to be around others because i found that they will always judge you on something that you doing even when youre not doing anything wrong. And i found that i judge myself enough without needing someone else adding their unasked for two cents. I am a shy person when i dont know anyone, but i can and i will get an attitude with you if you treat me the wrong way. And since most people try to get in your good books while talking about you behind your back i decided the h*** with all people. And let me tell you i found i have been a much calmer and more laid back person then i have ever been since then.

  • It's true a lot of people are judgmental but that is just a par of life. There will be people in life who will accept you as you are. They may be few and far between but if you close yourself off to everyone you miss out on a lot in life. I just wouldn't want anyone to do that to themselves. Maybe you can keep people at arms length and this way you can more or less know who the backstabbers are.

  • I am the original poster and I like to take it up the butt for laughs. Ha Ha give it to me up the butt like I like it. I will suck your d*** to if you ask me. I like letting people step on me because I have no friends. Meow. Meow.

  • Hey Doormat, would you suck my d*** if I asked you?

  • Did you really have to ask such a disgusting question? dont pick on the OP from what ive read they seems like a sweetheart. I think its horrible that people feel they have the right to take advantage of someone else's kindness. its rare in this day and age that anyone would go out of their way to help with others needs before their's, and that the OP is that kind of person says a lot for their character. I hate the fact that nowadays, the fact that you help others over your own wants makes you a pushover, we are too damn judgmental and worried over the image.

  • Thank you. Hearing from yet another kind person more than makes up for all the antics of the attention deprived juvenile delinquent.

  • Yes Sir anything you say Sir.

  • If it makes you feel better about yourself and gives you something to fill up your meaningless day go right ahead & keep comment bombing MY confession.

  • Whoever is meowing grow the h*** up. And I am the original poster not person claimed to be trying to make it sounds like I'm gay.

  • FAKE. Not the original poster. And for sure gay, not that there's anything with that.

  • Dont worry no one thought that was you.. (eye roll) they seem to think we're stupid.

  • We don't think it. We know it.

  • Thank you!

  • You're welcome. I'm glad you were grateful for being called stupid.

  • I am the original poster. I really don't know what happened here with everyone fighting. I don't want anyone fighting on my account. I just want to say that I really appreciate the commenter who said I have s****. That was really nice. Everyone else please stop fighting.

  • Hey you, do my homework for me.

  • If I knew you in real life you bet I would definitely say yes.

  • Lol love that reply. you got s**** in your personality.

  • Thanks! That's prob the nicest thing anyone ever said to me.

  • Cats have nine live,you have to kill kitty nine times.

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  • I think everyone has been a doormat at least once in their life and i must say that america is full of nothing but doormats who believe they are something else. so truthfully you are one among millions and possibly the only one who is able to admit to themselves.

  • Im a doormat too. Everything you just wrote,was like youre describing me and my life. I let people walk all over me everyday and when the treat me bad,i forgive them

  • Wow I guess I should say it sucks for you but I'm kind of happy to hear from another doormat. I really wouldn't want anyone treated the way I've been treated. It sucks for sure. But in my case at least once a doormat, always a doormat. People still continue to wipe their shoes on me (figuratively speaking) and I still continue to thank them for it and say "anytime" with a smile :( :( :(

  • I just need to find my account bye!

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