Disrespectful step little 18 year old baby boy

I hate this little b******. His mom always jumps to his defense. The little j*** chased kids around the classroom with razor blades he took out of a pencil sharpener. He tried to attack me for shutting his video game off, he constantly has a s***** attitude. He is spoiled yells cusses at his mom. Talks bad to her all the time. Doesn’t lift a finger for anything. He’s been doing drugs, ditching school, and ruins every holiday, vacation etc.. I hate this little s*** and am afraid one day I will have to defend myself against him. I don’t want to hurt him but I may have to. It sucks that he puts me in this kind of position. This makes me hate him even more. I have given him everything. While his dad abandoned him, yet he resents his mom and I

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  • Fake cake If he chased kids around with a razor blade he would be arrested as an adult and be in jail! With a high bond! Schools have zero tolerance on that behavior and assault with a deadly weapon is a felony! Plus any drugs he might have had!

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