Past lovers

Iv always got tured on by my wife and her past lovers .took years for he to talk abot it but when she did we both loved it . then she to got to like hearing about my past .both of us would role play and it was a huge turn on . then we talke about a reunion . and excitement of trying to trace old lovers . but we finally did . 1st she start chatting to past lover then i got in contact with one of mine .w all chatted over few wes then it was meet up time . we booked a hotel ..i met my past love and she met her .unknown to them we were married and knew eachother and in hotel just start chatting at bar . we invited my wife and her old lover to our room and watching them kiss n touch was hot .my wife saying the same . then over weekend we all went to same room and got bit drunk watching my wife ben f***** was amazing .but it ws also amazing f****** my old friend

May 11, 2021

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