what's her problem?

Somebody please explain to me why a girl would have such a hard time getting over being raped! Don't get me wrong, I know it's nothing anybody would ever want to happen to them. Let me explain: I'm a guy in college and, at my school, we party alot. On a college campus, hearing that a girl got raped is like hearing about a car accident on a rainy day. It's just one of those things that's just bound to happen and, when it does happen, you say, "Oh, that's too bad" and then you move on. Well, a girl I know pretty well says she got gang-raped at a frat-party. Now, I don't know if it's true or not. But she is, like, really messed up, now. She's, like, really depressed and she cries alot and she's really just an all around drag. She used to be so much fun. Now, I've been beat down by a group of guys before and I've been robbed at gun-point before and pistol-whipped with the gun. And both of those experiences were pretty bad, but I picked myself up, threw back a couple of shots of Jack Daniels, followed by a few beers, and all was right with the world, again. Now, the frat house where she says she got gang-raped, those guys are my homies and I do know that those guys can get really wild when it comes to girls, but, of course, I would never say anything that would implicate any of them is a rape, or anything (you know how the saying goes: Bro's before ho's). But I tried to tell her she just needs to get over it just like I did when I got beat down. She just started yelling at me. I thinking maybe she's gone a little nuts. But why can't she just move on? Bad things happen to people. So what? When the going gets tough, the tough get going, that's what I always say. And that which doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, right? So what's her problem?

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  • What The F*** is this moron talking about TROLLS?
    What kind of a****** gets on here and starts calling everybody a children's fantasy monster?
    M*********** needs to get a life or get laid, whichever comes first.

  • guys like YOU are society's problem!!!! Rape is a like a car accident on a rainy day???!!!! THe fact that you don't see anything wrong with rape and the fact that you refer to women as "hos" is disturbing. Your parents did a really bad job raising such an a******

  • Girls mostly look 4 it then for the rest of their life play the victim dont believe them bit of c*** never done girl any harm

  • f*** you!

  • First of all, all of you fell for a troll. Sadly enough their opinion reflects some people in real life, but this is a troll through and through.
    No response to them would have been the best response.

  • How about I rape you and than I will tell you get over it! A****** iam in the orange county area want to meet idiot I don't thing you have the b****!f****** idiot!

  • R u kidding me? Of course u aren't b/c your pathetic excuse of a brain can't comprhend it. You don't have the mind capacity to understand. The moral value system it takes to understand. You admitted as much in your post here "bro's before ho's". Grow up. How would you feel if it were your wife,sister,or mother? But you r still way to juvenile to think like that or to understand the mental torture rape puts someone through. It is not something you easily get over. It is nothing like being robbed or beat up. Physical scars heal. The mental ones almost never do. Having someone invade you that way is the worst form of torture. You'd rather be robbed or beat up any day. But no one can expect such a selfish, immature,idiotic,pathetic excuse of a human being to understand that.

  • Obviously, you've never had dozens of men force their penises into your a***. My hope is that you do. Then, with any luck, someone can tell you to just \\"get over it\\"

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