Why does this keep happening to me

I have been sexually assaulted three times and I am only 24 years old. Problem is, I am a guy. A straight guy who has been raped by other guys.
The first time I was just 13 and in middle school. During gym class I had to use the bathroom. I decided to go down into the locker room instead of the hallway bathrooms. Four older boys followed me. One kept lookout and the other three beat me up and made me give them blow jobs.
The second time I was in college and got too drunk at a frat party. Some one took me into a bathroom and I spent a few hours hugging the toilet. When the party cleared out a group of guys came into the bathroom and dragged me out. They stripped me naked and gang raped me the rest of the night. I was in and out of it so I don't even know how many guys f***** me.
Last week two men tried to rob me at gunpoint in a parking garage. When they found out I only had three bucks on me they became angry. They drub me into the stairwell. They took turns holding the gun as the other made me suck him hard and then he f***** me in the ass.
Why does this keep happening to me? Have any other guys ever been raped?

May 24

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