Overwhelmed by Grief

I just got confirmation today I'm having a miscarriage. They can't find a heartbeat. Although I have two healthy kids, I've had 7 miscarriages. We wanted to try for one more baby. I don't have it in me to try again. The finality of it is like a weight.

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  • wow... thanks a lot... This is the actual confessor here. Thought it might be good for the soul and possibly a little healing to get things out. Just made me sad.

  • ^I think they were trolling, and you fell for it.

  • ^lol its not nice its just your stupid superstitious self preservation. Forced kindness out of fear of some mystic retribution frankly disgusts me.

  • I can't imagine the pain and grief you must be going through. I understand there there is a connection between the mom and the unborn child in the womb that most people would not understand. I guess because simply it is a life inside of you. I will pray that you would be comforted during this time and that one day you would be blessed with another child.

  • ^ VERY well said ! !

  • Why? you have two children, is it necessary to have one more? I'm not being mean, I promise you, but enjoy these two, and if you really need that third, why not adopt? There are a lot of children out there that need a home, and you could do so much to help them.

  • my mom says the doctors couldn't hear my heart beating either. They told her she would miscarriage. I'm here - and very healthy. Dont give up hope. Listen to your "motherly" instint.

  • That so horrible.. I'm sorry :(

  • i would go see a counseler, or a doctor. this sounds like a very traumatic experience

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