.i hate man and women who said just Friends.

The real things..You know real.

DO i am a Crazy Person,,I Get new name this name for a few years A crazy Women .. Lol

The real things..You know real.
Say the real for the firts time will not made a pain in the feeling to be till ptesent..

Hates men and women, who is used lies to other. who used to and affirmative words seriously. In all honesty, can trust her, she can never be more than a friend and brother.
The men insisted firmly. That they're just friends.

Jun 24

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  • You can be friends but some let them take you for a ride when it comes to $$. If that’s the case then trade $ for s**

  • Nothing wrong with being just Friends, don’t forget, Friends can do it too. If she doesn’t put out, then Dump her, I had only one Girlfriend who never mistreated me in any way. She didn’t love me for my money or Car, she loved me for me and me only, and she and I were only friends at the time. But we became more then friends because she encouraged it, and at our young ages, we did it all the way after our 4th date. She loved it, and I loved it too, afterwards we broke up, because her family didn’t like that I slept with her and broke her Cherry. But she still loves me today and wants to marry me.

  • That true nothing wrong being just friends or being friends. Whatever people can learn start being friends before going to up next level. More than friends That i agree....
    BUT on the way drive problem you choose not bring third one to join. ( thrid one that you were s**)

    And third that you call JUST Friends. And told to trust you are both just friends really friends... Lies for what ????
    Do not build and creating another to believe on your lies... And do evils game feeling make pain them, when they trust you are both that you are both were be just friends...

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