I want to find out how to get into real catfights with other women. Not street fighting where people seriously beat the s*** out of each other, but not some fake ass fighting. But I do want it where clothes get torn or stretched out. I want an audience watching and yelling and betting on us, egging us on. I want there to be real punches, hard face slaps, t** twisting, knees to the t***, hair pulling and fingers f****** p****** and such. But I don't know how to find this. I want real, tough, strong, mean d*** types to be wrestling me roughly and hurting me. It could be fun in mud too but not like some silly bar type thing. I want to be in a real ring fighting with real women and where regular men (and some women) come to watch two women wail into each other like they're fighting over a man. And the loser has her face pushed into and held on the victor's crotch to tongue f*** her t*** and pucker hole.

Nov 1

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