Paper Boy

i have undoubtedly fallen in love with the idea of a guy i know. yes, an IDEA of a guy, not the actual guy. i don't really know the actual guy very well; we got to school together, have one class, but he's really good friends with some of my best friends. we just run in different circles.

he's kind of everything: silent and intense, but social and quirky; deep and thoughtful, but cocky and loud; the guy that everyone is friends with, but he's unapproachable all at once.

in other words, he's kind of perfect...

the sad thing is that one of my friends is already setting up her plans to hook up with him, and i just don't think i could think about him the same way if she suddenly told me that it happened for her... and not me.

at least to her, though, he's solid. to me, he's a paper boy and i'm living in a paper world where i can be his paper girl

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