Money talks...

I did it for the money. A year ago I graduated high school and had no prospects. My dad split years ago and my mother is an alcoholic. College was not an option at that point.
I got a part time job at one of those s** toy shops. You know, the ones with the gloryhole booths in the back. There I was. A skinny, 18 year old boy working at a place like that. Immediately the older men who frequented the place started hitting on me.
One day a guy who comes in often came right out and asked to suck my d*** and offered me $50 to let him do it. Making only minimum wage I said yes. I left the register and we went into the customer bathroom to avoid the cameras. He gave me the $50, got on his knees and sucked me off.
I guess the guy blabbed to the other men because I started getting propositioned often. Most every shift I would walk out with an extra $100 for letting guys suck me off. It was going great.
Then things kind of evolved. A man offered me $100 to give him a b******. I took the money and did it. After that I really saw how much money I could make. One day I came in on my day off and went into the back where the booths are. There were several men there. I stripped down completely nude and walked around a little to attract attention. Then I went into a booth and left the door slightly open. It only too a minute for the first guy to step inside the booth. In 2 hours I sucked off 5 guys and walked out with $500. I couldn't believe it was that easy! I kept going back sometimes twice a week. I give BJ's and even let men f*** me in the a** for a price.
I paid my first years college tuition in cash and am doing pretty well at the moment...

Jul 19

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