I fantasize about fattening up my future kids

I am already a feeder for my girlfriend and have gotten her well over 400 lbs. I love every pound on her, coming home and spoiling her at every chance. We both want kids in a few years and she knows I want at least 3. I haven't brought it up that I want to fatten up my future kids into mini versions of her. Not in a sexual way. I just think they would be happier being big and finding their own feeders someday.

Jul 28, 2021

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  • I have 3 daughters, all cute fat little hogs. My wife is a feedee and I'm here feeder weighs over 700 Lbs. We,ve been together 15 years and married for 10. She was 420 Lbs when she have our first daughter and 625 when she had our. She's been hinting that she would like another one but I think she might be a little too big at this point... We've been pretty lucky so far and no need to tempt fate...We aren't intentionally made our children fat but they have my wife's family's genetics and they just gain weight easily and they love to eat..All of them were over 11 pounds at birth. My oldest just turned 12 and weighs around 240lbs, My middle daughter is 9 and weighs almost 180lbs. The youngest is 5 and weighs just over 110lbs. They're all rounder than they are tall just like my wife. They are all happy, well adjusted, active kids. Fat children today don't seem to carry the social stigma that being fat did in my day. I guess it's because there are so many fat kids in the US today that it's no big deal. My oldest daughter is in Jr. HS and almost all of her friends are overweight to some degree of another, even the boys are chubby. I guess times have changed.

  • That’s great that your family is all very fat. What do your girls think about being as fat as they are?

  • That’s great. How much has your girlfriend gained since you started? Is she wanting to get fatter?

  • Go get help

  • Fortunately your fat uigly piece of s*** wife will never have kids because being so fat will make her infertile. Hopefully the dumb fat c*** is dead now, and hopefully you'll be dead soon, too.

  • STFU, you foul, awful, socially retarded, excuse for a human being

  • Bullshit... Nothing but big pharma/ diet industry propaganda. Fat women get pregnant and have kids everyday without issue. The only reason doctors push for a C-section for fat woman is they don't want to deal with some of the special needs that sometimes accompany with a bariatric pregnancy.

  • I love this story I'm 450 pounds have 2 kids my son is big about 325. No woman would ever date him he would come home and cry. I want to go in there and help him I don't know how tho.

  • Unfortunately fat guys have a much tougher time dating than fat girls. In fat in certain social circles, fat girls are actually sought after for sexual or romantic partners.... They are just sexier, more comfortable to be with, less intimidating, and just seem to be friendlier and more receptive to male attention. Fat guys on the other hand, are seen as weak, soft, lazy, greedy, sloppy, etc. If you want to help your son, help him lose weight and harden up. Men don't cry. They face problems head on and deal with them. You have to help him with his character and self-confidence. A stint in the miltary would probably do him some good.

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