The gay agenda is toxic and the gays aren’t good people

I know it. I’m proud to be a straight boy. I like t****** p****** and butts. Always have always will. Stupid dumb gay boys try to make me GAY! It won’t happen. Idiots. You’ll never turn me gay. Every time I turn on the computer, gay propaganda is all I see. Same thing on the TV. Stupid dumb rainbow flag in my face. I’m going to start burning the LGBTBBQ flag in my yard every day and there’s nothing they can do about it. Hahahaha stupid dumb gay idiots

Jul 27

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  • It's true! EVERY gay guy on the planet wants you!

  • Yeah, darn gays, having done slavery, genocide, brutally murdering people and leaving them in a ditch or dumpster and then getting off with a "scared" defense...Oh wait! That's right, it was straight pieces of s*** like you that did all that.

    You should kill yourself.

  • Hey man, you can't be "turned" gay. It's in you or not, so why are you so scared and angry. I think you may be a bit gay yourself. It's a spectrum after all.

  • I love gay guys. They don't play games like women do. I just go to the mall and I get my d*** sucked. Thanks for the relief!

  • They’re filthy!

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