Why does this turn me on?

In the 8th grade I attended a sleepover at a friends house. Six guys doing the usual, staying up late, pizza and video games. When things wound down we had to double bunk. Me and a guy I kinda knew got the pull out couch/bed in the living room. He was two years older than me. After the light were out he started moving around. I realized he had pulled off his sweats and underwear. He reached over, grabbed my wrist and put my hand on his d***. When I pulled it away he gripped it tighter, grabbed my hair and tried to push my head down in his lap. When I resisted he twisted my arm behind my back. It hurt and he told me to "suck it or I will really make it hurt". I stopped resisting and laid down in his lap. I didn't want to suck it so I just licked it. When he got hard he gave my arm a little more twist and ordered me to open my mouth. When I did he shoved my mouth down on his d***. and started thrusting his hips up and down . I just styed there as he f***** my mouth. He finally started grunting and filled my mouth with c**. He held me there until I swallowed what I could then he made me lick him clean. After he let me go he put on his clothes and went to sleep like nothing happened. I didn't tell anyone what happened, ever. I am totally straight and have no desire to be with a guy. But now, years later, when I think about what happened I get super turned on and h****. Is that wrong somehow???

Aug 14, 2021

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  • I had something similar happen when I was younger, but kind of in reverse. A friend of mine was spending the night and we'd gone to a nearby convenience store. I told him I was going to get a playboy magazine and he said there was no way they'd sell it to me because I was no where near old enough. But I knew the guy working would because I'd been buying them for a while.

    But when my friend said he'd suck my d*** if I was able to buy a playboy. I took it just like when someone says they'll kiss your ass if you do something. As only a figure of speech. I bought the magazine and we went back to my house. My mom worked nights and didn't get home until after 1:00 am we looked through the magazine and then turned the light off to go to sleep. With me wishing so much I could j*** off. But then my friend said he guessed it was time to pay off his bet. I still figured he was joking until his hand slid inside my underwear. The next thing I knew he had my c*** out and was sucking, and soon I gave him a mouth full of c**.

    I went and cleaned up and put my underwear back on and got back in bed. And we didn't mention what had happened. A cpl of weeks later he spent the night again and after the lights were off he said he knew what I wanted and without my saying a word he pulled my underwear off and sucked me off again. This went on for a couple of years. I got married at 18 and we soon got into swinging. But we started swapping with married cpls and my wife was bi. One night while she was doing a guys wife he almost begged me to let him suck my c*** but I declined. Later my wife said she wished I'd let him because it was a fantasy of her's. But was clear she didn't expect me to suck the guy or anything like that. So the next time an offer like that was made I let them. I ended up having lots of different guys sucking my d*** and my wife always thought I was doing it for her .

  • WEEP!

  • Something similar happened to me too and now all I can think about is sucking a big hot d***


  • This happened to me and now I too feel like sucking a big d***.


  • Life events made you homosexual. You must defeat it by f****** every woman you can and wipe the thoughts out of your head. You can also make the decision yourself and just be Gay and don't fight it.

  • You can f*** me anytime anyo

  • Sucking d*** is amazing i love it



  • What are you a wimp? Someone tried to force me to do that, they would be picking up their cocck off the floor right after I bit it off. You don't think screaming wouldn't have woken up the rest of group and he would have stopped.
    But no! The same old fake story that you where forced to do it and liked it.

  • He never said he liked it moron. And yes men or boys can be sexually assaulted. When I was 19 I stole my stepfathers credit card. He didn't like me anyway and pressed charges. I had to pull 30 days in a regional jail. It was overcrowded and the guards were just going through the motions. My first week I was with a group in the showers with a guard standing in the doorway. Another prisoner touched my ass so I stood up for myself and tried to slug him. I ended up face down on a shower bench as he f***** my a** to teach me a lesson. The other prisoners just ignored it and the guard stood in the doorway and watched. After word got around in our pod of what happened a few other guys wanted to be serviced. Rather than get beat up or have my a** violated again I decided to just give in and suck their c**** instead of getting abused. At times during the s** acts yes I did feel my own c*** getting hard. It was a physical reaction. After my 30 days I have never had any attraction to males in any way and I am totally straight.

  • Why does this turn me on?
    But now, years later, when I think about what happened I get super turned on and h****. Is that wrong somehow???

    What part of that doesn't tell you he didn't like it?

    And your story is full of shitt to.
    Sodomy is still illegal and the guard would have lost his job as there are cameras there as well as all over the place in jails. Both prison and jails have strict policies on inmate s** and it is prohibited everywhere.

    That doesn't mean it does not happen. In blind spots and without guards present. Anyone caught having sodomy can be charged, placed in isolation or face more time in jail or prison.

    That story is just another fake rape story where the victim likes it. Pure bull shitt.
    All he had to do is scream and the others would have woke up. Screaming during a attack is a normal thing for a victim to do.

  • You're right, I'm a retired Corrections Officer from one of the toughest prisons in the country and any CO wouldn't let that happen. Not just because it's Illegal, but if things like that are going on it leads to more violence that the CO's have to get in the middle of. It happens sure but it's in out of the way places where no one will see.

  • Well I am glad you are an Obama loving, utopia living liberal. The only place your well managed correctional facility operates is FANTASYLAND!
    And shame and embarrassment keep the majority of sexual assaults unreported.

  • First I thought Obama was the worst president ever until Biden took office.

    You story is fake I was a corrections officer for a prison so don't give me your Bullshitt about guards turning there backs on sexual assaults. Before prison started work in a jail. Let's get something straight. Se x in prison don't happen often as you would think. The gangs especially the Skin Heads prohibit inmate's from doing that. You Think MS-13 is going to allow gay s ex to happen Crips or Bloods? Second Shower rooms are small and are limited to 4-5 inmates per section to prevent violence from starting never mind hanky panky. And in jail same thing we control when they shower, eat and sleep.

    Protective Custody is where most s ex is attempted in both jail or prison. Thats where gay and sexual predators and rats go because if let into general population they would be killed. With surveillance cameras all over the place It is very hard to have s ex in prison. Is that where you were?

    As a matter of fact when they caught a guard doing Susan Smith in the guards locker room all the locker rooms got cameras installed. Even in the mens prison where I worked at.

    Your fake story happened in fantasy fantasy land j***.

  • No,Obama was a good president! it was toddler trump that was a terrible president! He was a liar,crook,criminal,egomaniac,and failed leader! It is because of trump and the republicans that the crime rate in america has reached record levels!

  • You dumbFUCK
    You can't remember December 20/19 when Trump was in office. Look up the state of the economy and the lowest unemployment in history. We had the highest US manufacturing in over 40 years. Everyone was happy and we where rocking.
    Then China rewarded us and the rest of the world with Covid-19. Thank you China it was a nice gift. Because of that gift I was forced into early retirement as a Corrections Officer.

    Now Biden did the worst thing in Afghanistan and screwed everyone there including Americans. The Taliban now have 82 billion dollars of US. military equipment.
    The US Supreme courts have ordered Biden to restart stay in Mexico rules for illegal immigrants wanting to come to our country.

    Trump was so bad I wish it was 2019 today.

  • Trump was/is/and always be a piece of s*** end of story.

  • PS Before you come back with more bull shitt on your story.
    Guards don't turn their backs on rape. The county and jail lawsuit would be worth millions. The cameras are recording and all you would have to do is tell your Attorney what happened. He would get copies of the tapes while you where there and it would show the guard not doing anything while you where raped in the shower.
    You would have a great lawsuit going for you.

  • Guards that are paid off do. how to prove your accusations in court? the guard recording in his head to j*** off later or the other prisoner. its his word vs c*** loving guards.

  • Sukkk meee


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