super drunk

Last night I hooked up with a girl... Made out, took off undergarments at a work party in the bathroom for like an hour. I'm a girl and I have a boyfriend. I'm not even a lesbian. At least I was wasted

Jul 8, 2010

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  • For f*** sake, how many times are we gonna hear this same stupid story.

    If you like s** with men and women, you are bi, that is all there is to it.

    If you like s** with someone of the same s**, and you don't
    like s** with people of the opposite s** at all, you are homosexual.

    If you like s** with people of the opposite s**, and don't like it at all with people of the same s**, you are heterosexual.

    If you are a highschool or college age woman, and you make out with a woman occasionally at a college party, you are desperate for attention, and p****** off real gay and bisexual women who don't want to hear your stupid s***.

    Thank you

  • Blame the booze... sure sure. It was hot at the time, and you'll do it again. Face it. Its okay to temporarily be bi-curious so you can make up your mind to what orientation you really want to be. Without it, you are just like you were before the party. Thinking you are hetro 100% but maybe not, and bothered by something you haven't found yet.

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